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Wing and Buck Hunt Club Bylaws

Wing and Buck Hunt Club



  1. Membership in the Wing and Buck Hunt Club (hereinafter “Club”) is required by all persons who hunt Club property through reserving and licensing a property online at Membership provides certain rights related to hunting only and does not grant or convey to Member any ownership interest in the Club and/or in any property interests held by the Club. Members are not required to license property through the Club, but anyone who does must be a Club Member.
  2. Minors are allowed to hunt with a Member only if: 1) the minor is a registered Member of the Club, 2) the responsible Member must have authority to assume all liability of the minor and conveys as much by signing a Club Waiver and Release of Liability, and 3) the minor is accompanied by the Member at all times while present on the property that is leased, owned or otherwise affiliated with the Club. Hunting minors count towards the maximum number of hunters on a property.
  3. Non-hunting minors must meet the same criteria described in 2. above, however the fee for Club Membership is waived and the non-hunting minor will not count towards the maximum number of hunters on a property. Request for non-hunting minor must be made and approved prior to accessing Club property.
  4. Member shall not invite or allow ANY guests to enter upon Club properties at any time for any reason.
  5. The fee for membership is Seventy Dollars ($70.00) per term, which amount is subject to change at any time with guidance and notice from the Club’s Board of Directors. The fee for membership is due in advance and is non-refundable.
  6. Membership is activated at the time a prospective Member agrees to Club Bylaws, pays annual fee, and is accepted by Board of Directors. Membership term is annual and expires on the immediately following December 31st at 11:59PM.
  7. The Club has secured and will maintain the following insurance coverage to help protect the Club and its Members:
    1. One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence and Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) aggregate liability limits.
    2. Club’s insurance protects Club’s liability on properties secured through lease, permit, or license as defined in Club’s insurance policy
    3. Club’s insurance covers a Member’s liability who licenses or is summarily added to a group on any Club property throughout the term set in (7.) and defined in Club’s insurance policy
    4. Member acknowledges that this insurance is not applicable, transferable, or in any other way meant to insure liability on any other property except Club property. ***Member shall obtain, at Member’s expense, any additional insurance coverage that Member may desire or require.
  8. Membership can be revoked at any time by the Board of Directors if the Club Bylaws are violated. Member shall:
    1. Abide by all local, state, and federal laws, including hunting regulations, licensing requirements, wildlife endangerment acts, etc.
    2. Membership is restricted to US Citizens only.
    3. Hunt only the game permitted by the Club in the Property Detail published on the website and made a part of the property’s Hunting License Agreement.
    4. Abide by any landowner/Property Manager restrictions imposed on the Club applicable to a specific property, including but not limited to setbacks, known hazards, quotas, etc. All usual and customary lease terms are to be assumed by a Member, and clarification can be provided upon request to the Club.
    5. Not access a Club property until a Club-issued Parking Pass/ID card has been issued to Member and term begins.
    6. Pick up and remove litter, including but not limited to spent casings.
    7. Not allow or use the property for camping, and take whatever steps, actions, or means that are necessary to keep the property free from fire damage.
    8. Maintain a prudent level of gun and hunter safety, including the use of proper safety gear such as eye and/or ear protection. Additionally, safety tethers and harnesses shall be used when hunting from elevated blinds or stands.
    9. Not sublease a Club property under any circumstance.
    10. Not engage in or allow commercial hunting or any type of business operations on Club property, which includes but is not limited to guiding, outfitting, or up-charging other Members or persons for value-added activities such as maintaining feeders, blinds, stands, bait stations, etc.
    11. Not cause (by action or inaction) guests or other persons not named on the Hunting License Agreement to enter upon any property that is leased, owned, or otherwise affiliated with the Club.
    12. Notify the local authorities and the Club of any trespassers on Club property. Member acknowledges that trespassing is beyond the control of the Club and that prudent action should be taken to post the property with the help of the Club, and trespassing does not material alter Member’s use of the property.
    13. Not unreasonably interfere with farming, ranching, timbering, mining operations and/or other use(s) of Club properties by those legally entitled to the use thereof. All members agree and acknowledge that these primary uses of a property do not violate or in any other way interfere with the hunting, and if any of these activities occur during the time a member has licensed on a property, then the member agrees that no refund of monies paid will be offered and no chargebacks can be made against the Club.
    14. Provide proof of ATV liability insurance if Member chooses to use his ATV on a Club property. Any use of an ATV on Club property require written approval from the Club, and such use shall be limited to hunting purposes only.
    15. Not utilize Club properties for recreational ATV use.
    16. Leave the property at the end of the Member’s use in the same condition in which it was entered.
    17. Drive vehicles only on established roads and other forms of access that may include logging or mining roads, and never trespass on adjacent lands.
    18. Leave livestock and other gates as found.
    19. Leave trees free of damage. No spikes are allowed in any trees, and only elevated stands and blinds that do not damage trees are allowed as applicable.
    20. Present themselves to landowners, Property Managers, etc. in a professional and ethical manner as to maintain the high integrity associated with being a Club Member.
    21. Not solicit landowners or Property Managers without the express written consent of the Club.
    22. Agree that penalties may be assessed if a Property Detail’s description for limitations on the size, quantity, or type of game is violated. Penalties may be financial and/or grounds for immediate revocation of Club Membership.
    23. Display a Club-issued Parking Pass on vehicles at all times and personally carry a Club-issued ID card while on Club property. Any person found on a Club property who cannot produce a Club-issued ID card may jeopardize his entire group’s standing in the Club, with available actions in response to Club violations noted below.
  9. You acknowledge and agree that any violation of the Club Bylaws may result in the following immediate actions: (i) revocation of membership without further notice, (ii) forfeiture of any monies paid to the Club, and (iii) denied access to any and all Club properties.
  10. If a Member desires to secure a Club property for his recreational hunting use, Member agrees to complete the entire process including reserving the property, completing and signing the binding Hunting License Agreement, making all payments, and faithfully adhering to these Club Bylaws and the details of the Property Listing, which includes Terms & Conditions.
  11. Due to the unique nature of licensing property for current or future use, you agree that all payments are non-refundable, which include but are not limited to Membership fees, reservation or initial payments, final installments, or any other payment for any other service.
  12. Member agrees that his access on a Club property begins upon the dated Club-issued Parking Pass/ID card that coincides with the execution of the Hunting License Agreement, that includes a Release and Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless with Indemnification, Club Bylaws, and Property Listing as published on the website at the time of reservation, and expires when dated. All personal property of the Member must be removed from the property by the license expiration. Any personal property remaining on the property after expiration can be considered trash and removed at Member’s expense.
  13. All photos, images, recordings, or any other material submitted by a Member to the Club, by any means, becomes the sole property of the Club.
  14. Member agrees to allow Club to collect Member’s email address and other contact information, contact Member as necessary, and share contact information with other Members on Club Parks or as necessary to promote the safe use of Club property.
  15. Member acknowledges and agrees that hunting can be a dangerous activity; Member is voluntarily and knowingly electing to participate in such activity; and Member accepts and assumes all risk and liability associated with Member’s participation in such activity and the risk and liability of any minor participating in such activity accompanied by Member.
  16. Membership in the Club, including any and all rights or benefits detailed in Club Bylaws, does not extend to any other property a Member may lease or otherwise occupy or use on his own separate from the Club.
  17. Member hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the deeded landowner(s), designated property manager, Wing and Buck Hunt Club, National Hunting Alliance, LLC, and their respective owners, directors, employees and/or agents, from and against any personal injury (including death), property damage, or any other damages caused by Member’s liability or negligence through his actions or inactions, including those of any minor he accompanies and is responsible for.
  18. Any dispute arising out of the use of these Bylaws or the terms contained herein must be argued in a court of jurisdiction in the State of Indiana and subject to the laws and interpretation of the State of Indiana.

Revised 4/29/20

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    You must select a date at least 72 hours in advance
    You will receive an email response with a waiver that must be signed by all individuals wishing to view the property and returned before your Temporary Pass will be issued. You are not authorized to access the property without a Temporary Pass.