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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Club Properties available to all members to hunt at any time?

No. The Club offers properties as exclusive use to you and your hunting group only. We don’t put strangers together or force you to hunt with anyone you don’t want to.

Am I taking a hunting lease with you?

No.  The Club leases land from landowners and licenses the exclusive use hunting rights to you and your group. It works just like a hunting lease without all the work.

Where does the Club have leased hunting property? What states?

Currently, we have hunting land and hunting leases in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, New York, and other states that may not be visible to the general public.

We’re different than any other hunting club, so we have other hunting opportunities that you just can’t find anywhere else. When we get something new or add a new state with exclusive use hunting properties, it will be shared on social media, on our website, and through our online partners. Make sure to stay connected with us. 

When do you post next year's dates and pricing?

If a property has the all-year option or ALL SEASON PASS from January 1st through December 31st, then next year’s dates/rates are published by November 1st of the same year for the next year for vacant land and November 15th for any property that is non-renewed.

If a property has the all-year option of ALL SEASON PASS from June 1st through May 31st, then next year’s dates/rates are published by April 1st of the same year for next year for vacant land and April 15th for any property that is non-renewed.

Just check the listing, and you will be able to determine when the new dates and rates are published. Keep in mind that everyone knows that, and property doesn’t last long once published.

When I license Club Property, do I have the exclusive right to hunt that property?

Absolutely.  You and your group have the exclusive use to hunt the property through your licensing agreement. 

I would like to inspect a property before I license it. How do I do that?

On the available property you would like to inspect, click on the Request to View Property button. Enter your information, and we will send you a waiver that needs to be signed and returned. Once received, you will be issued a temporary inspection pass and directions to visit the property. You can NOT inspect property without a valid parking pass or Club permission, and a temporary inspection pass does not allow any sort of hunting or other activity besides inspection.

If I inspect a property, is it on hold?

No.  We do not hold properties, and any interested hunter can request to inspect the property. Whoever makes the required down payment online reserves the property.

What is your guest policy?

We do not allow guests on any Club Property.  All hunters, including minors, must be members of Wing and Buck Hunt Club to access any Club Property that has been booked.

Any group found with guests on Club Property will be in violation of our Club Bylaws and asked to leave the premises immediately and forfeit any and all payments made to the Club. 

In addition, membership will be revoked for all members of a particular booking if guests are allowed. Don’t let one guy mess up your ability to be a member of the Club and/or hunt.

This is a serious legal and liability problem, and no exceptions will be made.  Wing and Buck Hunt Club further reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who has violated this policy in the past.

I like a property that allows up to 6 hunters, and I only have 4 in my group. Can you help find 2 more hunters to be added to my group?

Yes….that’s why we have a partnership with Hunt Club Listing. If you have taken a property, you can list it on to advertise for more hunters to add to your group.

What we’ve found is that a lot of our exclusive use groups who have a property are looking for a couple of hunters that may be out-of-state and only plan on hunting a few days. If you look at it, the local group likes sharing the overall cost of a hunting lease or license and the out-of-state hunters get the local members’ help at a much cheaper cost than any other type of hunting property.

I have a minor or mentor a youth hunter. Does the minor count as a member toward the maximum number of hunters?

Yes.  For liability reasons, anyone hunting Club Property counts toward the maximum number of hunters allowed.  If you have a youth hunter, it will be addressed in your paperwork.

How do I become a member of Wing and Buck Hunt Club?

REGISTER on our home page. You will see the $70.00 annual Membership fee as well as our Club Bylaws. Click signup and create an account. Enter your personal information, then continue to setup your username and password along with agreeing to Club Bylaws. Click Register My Account.

Enter your payment information, and you’re all done. You will be sent a receipt in your email.

What are the advantages of being a member of Wing and Buck Hunt Club?

Insurance – With Club membership, hunting liability insurance is covered on ALL Club Property you book from now until December 31st. No extra costs all year!

First Notice of New Club Property Listings – You will receive an email notification of new Club Properties that become available. We welcome you to visit the website often, but this feature of membership will save you time!

Last-minute Deals – It’s not often, but when a Club Property opens up at the last minute, Members are rewarded with heavily discounted prices.

How much Club Property can I license as a member of Wing and Buck Hunt Club?

As much as you want. With the hunting liability insurance we have in place, you can license and hunt any Club Property without any hidden or extra fees. If you want to hunt turkeys in Florida, hogs in Oklahoma, and deer in Ohio, you can do that with our hunting club.

How long does a membership with Wing and Buck Hunt Club last?

Membership in Wing and Buck Hunt Club begins when you Register/Renew on our website, agree to Club Bylaws, and pay your annual membership fee. Membership expires on December 31st at 11:59PM each year.. If you license property beyond December 31st, just keep in mind you will need to renew your membership to hunt that property. We email membership renewal reminders each December.

How do I add hunters to the property I have already licensed?

This is an automated process that is really simple.

1. As the group contact, you add additional hunters by following the link at the bottom of our home page to Add Additional Hunters.

2. Each requested hunter will automatically be emailed a waiver that must be signed and returned along with directions to complete the process, including becoming a Club Member.

Once both steps have been completed, we will issue a new Parking Pass/ID Card for the new hunter and email it to you to be distributed. This is our system of checks and balances to make sure the right hunters are hunting the right property.

It’s that easy.

How much money is required to reserve a property?

We require half down and the rest due in 30 days or the beginning of the term, whichever is first, to reserve a property. All licensing is done through the website. You must login or register as a Club Member before the system will let you reserve a property.

What is Hunt Club Listing?

Hunt Club Listing is the national registry of hunt clubs, and we’re proud to have partnered with them. The Club has experienced significant growth, which has opened up more and more hunting opportunities for our members with DIY and self-guided hunts in other states as well as exclusive use hunting rights through other hunting clubs and hunting leases. Hunt Club Listing is a great partner for the Club to expand those opportunities. Visit it at 

What are Club Parks? And what's the difference between a Club Park - Limited and a Club Park - Trophy?

Club Parks are properties we have secured for the exclusive use of a limited number of our Members. Oftentimes, these properties are large-acre properties that may only have a few reasonable access points or are not easily divisible into smaller units.

Club Park – Limited properties generally don’t have any specific rules imposed on Wing and Buck Hunt Club Members that vary much from our own Club Bylaws, and all game listed in the Club Park Pass can be harvested without restriction.

Club Park – Trophy properties are identical to Limited properties with extra restrictions on game that can be harvested. Generally these restrictions are based on the age or quality of big game that follow written harvest guidelines.

Make sure you read the Pricing & Property Details, Park Rules, and Description on any Club Park you are interested in.

Do I get any kind of paperwork that shows I have the right to hunt the property?

Absolutely. You will be provided and required to complete a professionally written and reviewed Hunting License Agreement that grants you the exclusive use hunting rights to the property as described in the agreement. Remember, Wing and Buck works like a hunting lease you don’t need to work for.

Don’t be fooled by some guy selling a hunting lease online. You’ll regret it. There are a lot of scams online, and you can easily tell if you’re getting scammed if someone wants you to sign something that looks like a cut-and-paste off the internet or to sign nothing at all.

After my deposit, how do I make final payment?

You will be billed the remaining amount and due as indicated on the invoice. Refer to Terms & Conditions for further details.

I have land and want to make some additional income. Who do I contact?

Wing and Buck Hunt Club has partnered with Brandt Land Management, LLC, who is nationally recognized as the hunting lease authority.  Brandt Land Management, LLC’s contact information can be found on our Partner Page or you can call 717-839-4030.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    You must select a date at least 72 hours in advance
    You will receive an email response with a waiver that must be signed by all individuals wishing to view the property and returned before your Temporary Pass will be issued. You are not authorized to access the property without a Temporary Pass.