State: MD                    County: Wicomico          City: Salisbury

Acreage: 118.27                          Max Hunters: 5


June 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020:  $3,600.00

January 1, 2021 – March 31, 2021:  $500.00

April 1, 2021 – May 31, 2021:  $500.00

ALL SEASON PASS     June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021:  $4,200.00


Wooded: 43.27 Acres                            Tillable/Cut:   75.00  Acres

Management Unit:  Region B (member is responsible for confirming Management Unit)

Games Species Available: Deer, Turkey, Small Game, Migratory Bird, Predators

Game Species Allowed To Hunt: All Game Species

Firearms Restrictions: None

Tree Stands Allowed: Yes, no screws or damage to timber. Strap on stands and steps only.

ATV Access: Yes

ATV Access Restrictions: For Hunting Use Only

Camping Access: No

Food Plots Creation: No

Staged Parking Areas Created: Yes

Parking Passes Required: Yes

Posting Boundaries:  Landowner Posted

Special Notes:  Some timber was harvested on property in October/November 2019 in four quadrants.  Map does not represent property after cut, but is an outline of property boundaries.  There are lined edges to hunt from with woods and property is still fantastic hunting.  We suggest inspecting the property.  Tax maps have acreage as slightly less, but MD Forest Survey and Independent Survey show acreage as shown on listing.  There is a 7 acre buffer zone around the homes and will be shown on directions if you inspect the property.


-15 minutes from Salisbury, MD

-45 minutes from Ocean City, MD

-1.50 minutes from Dover, DE

-2.50 hours from Baltimore, MD

-2.50 hours from Washington D.C.

-3.00 hours from Lancaster, PA

-Property was cut in four quadrants in October/November 2019, aerial view presented is different because new aerials are not yet provided, we suggest inspecting property before licensing

-Lots of whitetail and turkey sign on the property

-No sika deer on this property as it is too far inland

-Per Owner, ducks and geese do use the pond occasionally which you may hunt

-Property has a very private feel to it

-Very easy to hunt

If you would like to inspect the property, just click on the orange button to the left that says “Request to View Property”. We will email you a parking pass and directions once we receive your information. If this is not the type of property you are looking for, we are always growing our inventory so please keep an eye on our website for new listings.

Wing and Buck Hunt Club works like a hunting lease you don’t need to work for.


Reserving a Club Property – You must REGISTER as a Club Member or be a current Club Member, who has agreed to Club Bylaws, to license this property. By making the initial payment, you are reserving the property for your recreational hunting use and agree that this payment and all future payments are non-refundable. You further agree that the property has been made available for you to inspect and you take it “as is” with no expressed or implied warranty that would in any way render the property misrepresented by Wing and Buck Hunt Club now or at any time in the future, including the time frame you have agreed to license. You will receive our Hunting License Agreement that must be signed and returned before access to the property will be granted. The Hunting License Agreement is a standard agreement that includes a Release and Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless with Indemnification, and it also incorporates in the Club Bylaws and Property Listing as published on the website.


Payments – All payments are non-refundable. Unless noted differently, half down to reserve the property through the website and the balance will be invoiced and due approximately 30 days thereafter or the start date of your license, whichever is first. The final installment is billed directly from the Club to your email. By reserving this property, you agree to make the final installment as billed or forfeit your initial payment. Again, due to the unique nature of reserving property for future recreational hunting use, you agree that all payments made to the Club are non-refundable. Pricing is subject to availability.

Group contact – Be advised that whoever makes the initial payment and reserves this property is by default the Group Contact. The Group Contact is the only person who is granted the following duties/obligations by the Club:

  1. Adding hunters to your group – Group Contact is responsible to request to add additional hunters and to ensure each hunter in his group is a Club Member prior to accessing the property on or after the start date. Failure to do so is addressed in the Hunting License Agreement.
  2. Parking Passes/ID cards – The Group Contactreceives all Parking Passes/ID cards via email for registered hunters in his group to be distributed once final payment is made and all required paperwork has been received.
  3. Offer to renew – The Club generally offers the Group Contact the option to renew the license on a property, if available, as long as the group remains in good-standing with the Club. This offer is not made to anyone else in the group except the Group Contact.


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