Property Term:  April 15, 2019-May 31, 2019 ($300.00)

Property Term:  June 1, 2019-December 31, 2019 ($3,750.00)

To Book Property April 15, 2019-May 31, 2019

$150.00-Property Deposit-Half of Lease Price-Received:

$50 per Member-Signed Hunt Club Memberships-Received:


$150.00-Total Due Upon Booking-Received:

Date Full Amount Due:  04/15/19

To Book Property June 1, 2019-December 31, 2019

$1,875.00-Property Deposit-Half of Lease Price-Received:

$50 per Member-Signed Hunt Club Memberships-Received:


$1,875.00-Total Due Upon Booking-Received:

Date Full Amount Due:  04/15/19



State: PA

County: York

City: Hanover

Acreage: 278.34

Wooded: 42.68

Tillable: 235.66

Maximum Amount of Hunters: 5

Games Species Available: Deer, Turkey, Small Game, Migratory Bird, Predators

Game Species Allowed To Hunt: All Game Species

Firearms Restrictions: None

Tree Stands Allowed: Yes, no screws or damage to timber

ATV Access: Yes

ATV Access Restrictions: Use for retrieving large game and hanging stands only

Camping Access: No

Food Plots Creation: No

Staged Parking Areas Created: Yes

Parking Passes Required: Yes (No if walking from house)

Special Notes: None


If you have a group looking for some big woods near Hanover, PA and you want the luxury of hunting near Pigeon Hills which acts almost in sanctuary fashion, then this is the property for you. We have way too much crop damage on this property due to the amount of deer feeding in the fields, which is why we upped the amount of hunters. We are looking for hunters that want to control the doe, while also looking to harvest that buck of a lifetime through some QDMA. We have not set limits on buck size, but are hoping the group that leases this property understands that through proper deer management, this could be the property of a lifetime for huge deer. Properties like this one do not come around very often. This property also would be a dandy for turkey and there are several places you could stage them into the field and your decoys. Just the right amount of woods and tillable acreage to have a stellar season year after year.
If property is booked from June 1, 2019-December 31, 2019, we offer half off the April 15, 2019-May 31, 2019 timeframe. If you would like to inspect the property, just click on the orange button to the left that says “Request to View Property”. We will email you a parking pass and directions once we receive your information. If this is not the type of property you are looking for, we are always growing our inventory so please keep an eye on our website for new listings.


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Great property for a group of hunters looking for a mix of
huntable woods
great accessibility to your
hunting area. There is a ton of deer sign on this property and we saw eight deer on the property
we staged the parking. They were funneling out from the big woods into the fields to feed. Just North
this property is the Pigeon Hills area so the deer tend to come from that wooded development area
and then work their way onto this bottom part of the farm because naturally
hat is where the food
sources are. This property is polluted with deer and need
s some doe management
for the first year or
two, so we are looking for a group that isn’t scared to shoot a few doe to keep the herd in check, after
all, to grow big buck the doe need to be kept in che
ck. This is a perfect archery/gun property and the
ortunity is endless for spots to setup. We did see turkey sign on the property when we inspected it
We think there is some good opportunity
for calling birds from the North into these fields during the